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A Message from the Minnesota Department of Education

Adult Basic Education (ABE) in Minnesota is a state and federally funded program for individuals, who are 16 and older, not enrolled in K-12 school, and have basic skills that are below the high school equivalency level. Eligible ABE students must have a goal of improving their skills in one or more of the following basic skill content areas: reading, writing, speaking, listening, math, and learning English as a second language.

In addition to having a core academic goal, students must be able to make progress in one of these basic skill areas. Progress is objectively defined as attaining a National Reporting System (NRS) Educational Functional Level (EFL) completion within a specified amount of instructional time as measured by an approved standardized assessment.

Some individuals with disabilities who seek ABE services do not qualify for ABE services because their primary goal or reason for attendance does not match the ABE basic skill requirement noted above. Those individuals typically express primary goals that are social or recreational, or they have goals of survival or life skills such as independent living or sheltered workshop experiences. Adult Basic Education is not intended, designed or funded to accommodate those goals. ABE staff who encounter individuals that express these non-ABE goals should make every effort to explain ABE eligibility and intent and refer these individuals to programs that can better address their needs.

Individuals with physical or neurological disabilities, acquired disabilities and developmental disabilities who meet the eligibility and progress requirements noted above participate in and benefit from ABE. Adult Basic Education teachers have found that individuals with disabilities often require content and/or instructional methods that accommodate their learning needs and styles. The resources found in this website have been designed and used successfully with students with disabilities.

For more information about Minnesota Adult Basic Education and the Minnesota Department of Education staff, go to: http://mnabe.org

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